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There are a variety of toons in Looney Tunes World of Mayhem.

List of Toons[edit | edit source]

Name Image Rarity Role Region Max Power Max Attack Max Defense Max Health Max Speed Description
Astronaut Hector Astronaut Hector.png Common Attacker Space 12368 455 734 1293 117 A strong attacker able to tear down enemies who are taunting and remove their positive effects!
Astronaut Sylvester Astronaut Sylvester.png Common Defender Space 12083 382 774 1352 132 Turns out a cat in 0G is an excellent tank, able to dodge and steal his enemies positive effects!
Barber Bugs Barber Bugs.png Rare Support Town 13141 474 649 1607 133 Awesome support. Focuses on keeping his team alive by constantly healing them and clearing negative effects.
Barkeep Sheepdog Barkeep Sheepdog.png Epic Support Desert 16729 628 894 2166 92 Keep the peace with cocktails that heal allies to full or slow enemies, rousing when enemies crit.
Barnyard Dawg Barnyard Dawg.png Rare Attacker Farm 14180 511 642 1925 124 Sneaky attacker. Able to hide away from danger and unleash a strong attack on the enemies.
Bat-Suit Wile Bat-Suit Wile.png Epic Attacker City 15240 692 602 1546 150 It's not the flight suit Wile needs, but the one he deserves.
Beaky Buzzard Beaky buzzard 3d leaked.jpg Desert 0 0 0 0 0 Beaky Buzzard's 3D model.
Bellboy Daffy Bellboy Daffy.png Rare Support Tasmania 12775 524 538 1370 149 This staff duck serves his Defender allies, offering amenities like Speed Up, Attack Up, and heals.
Bellboy Gossamer Bellboy Gossamer.png Epic Defender Tasmania 16864 646 874 2119 106 This staff monster serves his Attacker allies, offering amenities like Defense Up, Turn Meter, and Taunt.
Black Knight Sam Black Knight Sam.png Epic Attacker Avalooney 16820 728 955 1576 114 The Black Knight is able to use his dragon to inflict heavy Damage Over Time on his enemies.
Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny.png Epic Attacker Forest 15843 571 722 2170 133 A versatile damage dealer with an AoE, selective Stun, and burst of sustain. Loves his buddy Porky Pig.
Bugs the Brave Bugs the Brave.png Legendary Defender Avalooney 18567 598 1267 2209 134 This heroic paladin throws himself in front of enemy attacks, becoming immune to damage when his team needs him.
Chamberlain Porky Chamberlain Porky.png Rare Support Avalooney 13617 457 732 1776 122 A versatile Support serving up heals, Debuff removal, and dynamite-stuffed poultry.
Chauffeur Porky Chauffeur Porky.png Common Support City 11008 331 608 1442 127 The fastest chauffeur in the city, able to speed up his allies and give them an edge in battle.
Chef Porky Chef Porky.png Rare Support Town 13064 440 680 1692 127 This hearty cook boosts his team's Max Health and heals proportionally.
Climber Granny Climber Granny.png Common Support Summit 11281 320 760 1330 128 A geriatric athlete with limited but relentless abilities. She's fitter than you, and knows it.
Contender Sylvester Contender Sylvester.png Rare Defender Town 13771 533 746 1148 132 This Defender comes out strong, healing with each hit he takes and when Southpaw connects.
Cowboy Bugs Cowboy Bugs.png Common Attacker Desert 11386 435 505 1265 143 Western attacker. The cowboy is excellent when fighting with desert toons.
Cowboy Sylvester Cowboy Sylvester.png Rare Defender WB Studios 13676 442 746 1770 138 Evasive defender. Protects his team by drawing attention to himself and rolling away from danger.
Cowgirl Granny Cowgirl Granny.png Rare Support WB Studios 12468 428 645 1600 118 Support cowgirl. Helps her team by providing a lot of critical chance and counter attack chance.
Cupid Elmer Cupid Elmer.png Epic Support Forest 15959 629 675 2053 133 A hunter of hearts who leaves enemies weak-kneed and cleanses all of the past's pain.
Curator Porky Curator Porky.png Rare Support Tasmania 12985 399 733 1737 128 An aggressive utility-Support who both cleanses and inflicts Stun, offering Counter Chance Up.
Daffy Duck Daffy Duck.png Epic Attacker Forest 15445 608 638 1954 143 A critical hit-based scoundrel who sharpens the bills of other Daffies and ignores enemy Defense. Truly dethspicable.
Daffy Hood Daffy Hood.png Epic Attacker Avalooney 14899 608 666 1682 143 Robbing the rich and giving it to himself, Daffy Hood excels at finishing off weakened enemies and speeding up his allies.
Desperado Dawg Desperado Dawg.png Epic Defender Desert 16154 534 902 2178 124 An infamous outlaw who hides his teammates for the perfect ambush.
Devil Dog Devil Dog.png Rare Defender Avalooney 14938 461 778 2261 112 Too hot to Freeze, Hector's devilish side Debuffs entire enemy teams and annihilates Heal Over Time.
Dr. Dawgstein Dr. Dawgstein.png Rare Support WB Studios 13487 546 611 1526 129 Great supporter. Excellent at giving critical hits to his team and healing his allies in danger.
Duck Dodgers Duck Dodgers.png Epic Attacker Space 16215 660 1015 1435 132 A powerful attacker who can reduce the cooldown of his special skill to deal massive amounts of damage!
Egghead Jr. Egghead Jr..png Epic Support Farm 15889 629 707 1986 129 This little polymath has a plan to protect his team from Crits and Flip anything that comes his way.
Elf Daffy Duck Elf Daffy Duck.png Rare Support WB Studios 13041 472 645 1560 138 A supporter duck who can turn bad effects into good.
Elmer Fudd Elmer Fudd.png Rare Defender Forest 14512 509 915 1600 122 A hunter who pwotects his Forest friends, keeping critical hitters in check.
Elmer the Sure Elmer the Sure.png Epic Attacker Avalooney 17234 612 1124 1951 112 A selfish knight who becomes stronger the more he's protected.
Farmer Hector Farmer Hector.png Common Defender Farm 12372 435 588 1661 111 Stout defender. Good against high defense defenders and cats.
Farmer Petunia Farmer Petunia.png Common Attacker Farm 11060 404 464 1405 127 This attacker is capable of dealing damage while protecting her allies with amazing defense boosts and healing abilities!
Farmer Porky Farmer Porky.png Common Support Farm 11549 392 539 1546 122 Support farmer. Helps his team by healing them and weakening the enemies.
Fishercat Sylvester Jr. Fishercat Sylvester Jr..png Rare Support Forest 12183 460 538 1370 156 A chipper little healer fishing for victories by buffing his team's Attack. He loves when allies gain Hidden!
Flamenco Prissy Flamenco Prissy.png Epic Support WB Studios 13891 463 718 1796 143 This fiery dancer Dodges through enemy advances and keeps her peers moving.
Foghorn Leghorn Foghorn Leghorn.png Epic Defender Farm 17211 608 846 2484 103 Strong defender. Protects his team from enemies, especially when team members are low on health.
Foghorn the Invincible [[File:|75px|link=Foghorn the Invincible]] Defender Avalooney 0 0 0 0 0
Friar Porky Friar Porky.png Epic Defender Avalooney 15725 480 918 2213 122 This laughing tank protects his team by greatly slowing down his enemies.
Gossamer Gossamer.png Rare Defender Avalooney 15373 556 742 2176 94 This scary tank specializes in greatly slowing down his enemies and ignoring his target's defense.
Grand Duke Sylvester Grand Duke Sylvester.png Epic Attacker Avalooney 15880 637 886 1596 138 The Grand Duke is able to sniff out hidden enemies and attack them with righteous fury.
Granny Granny.png Epic Support City 15160 497 850 2064 114 A senior healer, able to empower her allies and weaken her enemies.
Gridiron Gossamer Gridiron Gossamer.png Epic Defender Town 17426 580 1199 2060 106 A beefy linebacker with his eyes on the prize. Once he builds momentum, good game!
Handmaiden Granny Handmaiden Granny.png Common Support Avalooney 10669 380 519 1290 118 This healing assistant is an expert at Healing Over Time and cleansing her allies.
Hector Hector.png Rare Defender City 14309 492 677 2006 122 This very resistant tank steps into the front lines to defend his team and reveal hidden enemies.
Henery Hawk Henery Hawk.png Epic Attacker Farm 16134 706 626 1922 124 All appetite and no patience, this chicken hawk chomps through Max Health with Lifesteal against chickens.
Henery Hike Henery Hike.png Epic Attacker Town 16075 752 767 1408 135 This receiver may be small, but there's no stopping him once he's got some Speed Up under his wings.
Hippety Hopper Hippety Hopper.png Legendary Attacker Tasmania 19086 719 889 2646 116 With Legendary strength, this boxer side-steps counters and dodge to smash non-Defender enemies with Haymakers.
Holiday Bugs Bunny Holiday Bugs Bunny.png Epic Defender WB Studios 16007 514 918 2162 127 A defender with a special knack for helping out allies and stunning opponents.
Hugo Hugo.png Legendary Attacker Summit 19227 797 732 2647 116 The Abominable Snow-Man is out searching for pet of his own, and freezing everything in his path.
Hunter Yosemite Sam Hunter Yosemite Sam.png Common Attacker Forest 12034 554 470 1189 119 A cantankerous critical hitter with counter chance and a hatred of rabbits.
Huntsman Porky Huntsman Porky.png Common Attacker Summit 11528 410 674 1203 127 This axeman cuts through Defenders while sheltering your own. Good luck staying warm with this hunter in the snow.
Jester Bugs Jester Bugs.png Epic Attacker Avalooney 15218 572 731 1821 150 Only a fool would strike this prankster and his allies.
Joe Monday Joe Monday.png Common Attacker City 11587 486 476 1203 138 This gumshoe duck cracks cases and skulls alike with guaranteed crits, constant Counter Chance, and immunity from all Debuffs.
K'Chutha Sa'am K'Chutha Sa'am.png Rare Defender WB Studios 14873 647 732 1533 110 A powerful tank who's able to lifesteal while taunting and deal large amounts of damage to his enemies.
King Bugs Bunny King Bugs Bunny.png Epic Attacker Avalooney 15190 571 730 1820 149 The king rules at stunning his enemies and inflicting them with taunt.
King Daffy King Daffy.png Legendary Attacker Avalooney 17270 757 727 1849 157 More monarch than mallard, this greedy attacker can't go a turn without Stealing a Buff.
Kitty Ketty Kitty Ketty.png Epic Support WB Studios 14753 481 755 1868 175 A master of Assist, this kitty commands the battlefield through her allies, healing in urgent waves.
Leopold Leopold.png Rare Defender City 14217 460 791 1905 122 The maestro can protect his team and deal large amounts of damage with his gran finale.
Lola Lola.png Epic Attacker Town 15843 571 722 2170 133 An irrepressible bunny babe with zero chill. Nothing this cute should do this much damage.
Lunar Petunia Lunar Petunia.png Epic Support Avalooney 15572 591 698 2064 122 A force of peace in a world of mayhem. When the moon rises, so does her power.
Mail Runner Mail Runner.png Epic Attacker City 14140 557 561 1458 196 Nothing stops this mailman - not even Taunt - from delivering damage.
Martian Bugs Martian Bugs.png Rare Attacker Space 13379 524 607 1522 143 A rabbit with an invisibility device that allows him to hide from enemy and counter attack if attacked!
Marvin Marvin.png Epic Attacker Space 15772 723 650 1647 127 The martian who started it all is armed to the teeth with powerful weapons.
Marvin Fudd Marvin Fudd.png Rare Attacker Forest 13808 686 507 1309 114 The brightest laser in the woods, melting single targets from above Whenever an enemy falls, his Trigger Finger pulls.
Masked Avenger Masked Avenger.png Rare Attacker Desert 13334 524 694 1269 162 Awesome avenger. The Masked Avenger brings justice straight to his enemies' health, attacking quickly and decisively.
Master Speedy Master Speedy.png Epic Attacker Avalooney 14139 586 558 1455 189 This wushu master slows and dodges enemies, keeping his hero allies on the righteous path.
Matador Bugs Matador Bugs.png Epic Defender WB Studios 15767 514 874 2115 133 This crowd-pleaser baits enemies into his Taunt with timely Silences, dodging to roaring applause.
Merlin Sam Merlin Sam.png Epic Attacker Avalooney 15514 680 678 1710 119 The wizard greatly slows down his enemies and inflicts them with Damage Over Time.
Miss Prissy Miss Prissy.png Rare Attacker Farm 12273 442 511 1587 143 High damage critical hits. Unpredictable chick can land a critical on all attacks.
Monster Foghorn Monster Foghorn.png Rare Defender WB Studios 15401 561 759 2132 95 Lifestealer defender. Steals a lot of health from his target and jumps in front of danger to save his allies.
Monster Tweety Monster Tweety.png Legendary Defender Avalooney 16800 594 783 2382 127 A sip of Hyde Juice turned Tweety into a Debuffing, Countering menace who fears no Taunt.
Mountain Man Sam Mountain Man Sam.png Common Attacker Summit 12058 500 637 1158 114 A cranky hermit alone for a reason. Try to cool his temper and you'll get burned.
Mountie Elmer Mountie Elmer.png Rare Defender Summit 14464 457 839 1956 117 A resilient tundra trooper at home in the cold who keeps his team clear of debuffs.
Mr. Bugs Mr. Bugs.png Rare Defender WB Studios 14003 443 792 1862 128 This tragic hero lives for his Supports, Assisting and boosting Defense when times are dark.
Mr. Sam Mr. Sam.png Common Defender City 12217 470 591 1448 110 A stout scam artist, able to protect his team and heal himself.
Nasty Canasta Nasty Canasta.png Epic Attacker Desert 16718 649 851 2065 111 This brute smashes foes with multi-hits and Damage Over Time, strengthening with each kill.
Ninja Ralph Ninja Ralph.png Legendary Attacker Forest 16331 664 722 1844 163 A skirting shadow. A bird in flight. A stealthy shinobi who will not let honor get in the way of his prize.
O'Pat O'Pat.png Epic Support Forest 15013 535 663 1966 161 The mischievous chief of the leprechauns will Steal and Scramble to protect his precious pot o' gold.
Officer Prissy Officer Prissy.png Epic Attacker Town 13642 549 582 1506 157 A sharp-eyed Cop who leaves the Outlaws seeing red.
Officer Yosemite Officer Yosemite.png Common Support Town 11999 453 591 1414 114 Powerful support. Deals lots of damage and buffs his allies.
Outback Dawg Outback Dawg.png Epic Attacker Tasmania 16319 664 783 1923 119 This hunter offers teamwide Counter Chance, archetype-based Debuffs, and a handy self-heal/cleanse.
Outlaw Foghorn Outlaw Foghorn.png Common Attacker Desert 12435 480 611 1490 103 Counterattack specialist. The Mystery Man can counter attacks and stop his enemies from countering, also.
Outlaw Sylvester Outlaw Sylvester.png Rare Support Desert 12868 541 535 1367 143 Critical supporter. Able to raise critical hits for all his team and hit taunting enemies.
Penelope Penelope.png Epic Attacker Town 15233 534 678 2060 155 Pursuit made this Attacker an expert at dodging - especially when afflicted with Damage Over Time. What's Taunt to a cat on the run?
Penelope Couture Penelope Couture.png Epic Defender City 15601 497 866 2099 141 Too haute for her enemies, this sophisti-cat and her cohorts dodge advances while empowering artists.
Pepe Le Bard Pepe Le Bard.png Rare Support Avalooney 12893 492 590 1485 144 The bard uses his songs to heavily boost and heal his allies in battle.
Pepe Le Pew Pepe Le Pew.png Rare Attacker Town 13710 492 604 1820 138 The persistent, odiferous Attacker leaves his mark with Damage Over Time. When Penelope attacks, his heart races.
Petunia Pig Petunia Pig.png Legendary Support Town 17986 707 722 2510 123 A crafty healer with a strong personality and an even stronger right hook.
Phantom Le Pew Phantom Le Pew.png Epic Attacker City 15156 608 686 1726 149 From the shadows this monster fixates on a single enemy, drawing strength from their sorrow.
Photographer Sylvester Photographer Sylvester.png Common Attacker Town 11784 435 508 1470 132 An artist whose camera slows enemies. With work this Stunning, it's no wonder he Hides from the public.
Picador Sylvester Jr. Picador Sylvester Jr..png Rare Attacker WB Studios 12548 489 538 1370 162 Every Matador needs a Picador to Silence enemies, inflict DoTs, and remove enemy Stat Ups.
Police Dog Hector Police Dog Hector.png Common Defender Town 12352 408 734 1512 111 Defensive police dog. Able to soak in a lot of damage and protect his allies while also helping them get ahead in the battle.
Porky Pig Porky Pig.png Epic Support Town 15250 514 722 2170 133 Balanced support swine. This friendly swine can heal his allies and dish out some damage to his enemies.
Prizefighter Daffy Prizefighter Daffy.png Epic Defender Town 15784 628 750 1859 132 This featherweight Defender gains Taunt with his enemies, arming Daffy teams to the bill.
Professor Prissy Professor Prissy.png Rare Support Tasmania 11900 398 569 1438 162 Nothing slows this explorer down, and her Speed-related buffs keep her whole team at pace.
Queso Bandito Queso Bandito.png Epic Support WB Studios 13674 568 521 1376 196 This little Mouse can do fast attacks and help your team. You'll only hear the breeze, when he comes to steal your cheese!
Raider Lola Raider Lola.png Legendary Attacker Tasmania 17910 730 848 2113 134 This explorer showers enemies with debuffs via crit-capable AoEs, revealing all that's Hidden.
Ralph the Vampire Ralph the Vampire.png Epic Attacker WB Studios 14447 628 581 1505 156 Fast attacker. The vampire is able to sustain himself in battle while he deals large amounts of damage to his enemies.
Ralph Wolf Ralph Wolf.png Rare Attacker Farm 12971 509 511 1587 143 High risk attacker. Uses his multipurpose kit to set up strong attacks.
Referee Foghorn Referee Foghorn.png Epic Support Town 16787 549 996 2308 101 An arbitrator who calls all the shots. Stick to his rules or he'll have you sitting this one out.
Reindeer Road Runner Reindeer Road Runner.png Epic Support WB Studios 14159 464 695 1742 189 Once every year, this magical supporter travels the world, Silencing all in his wake.
Road Runner Road Runner.png Epic Support Desert 14259 514 573 1788 188 Fast support. Avoids enemy damage while debuffing his enemies and speeding up his team.
Rocket Coyote Rocket Coyote.png Rare Attacker WB Studios 13356 578 628 1164 162 Risky, but very damaging attacker who thrives against Damage Over Time.
Rocket Sylvester Rocket Sylvester.png Epic Support WB Studios 15071 609 807 1471 150 A special support character who truly shines when accompanied by coyotes.
Royal Page Coyote Royal Page Coyote.png Common Support Avalooney 11142 445 464 1195 143 A volatile servant of the king, he's able to inflict Damage Over Time on several enemies at once.
Salesduck Daffy Salesduck Daffy.png Common Attacker Town 11009 480 416 1076 143 Multipurpose duck. This persistent duck can eat through taunt enemies with his guaranteed criticals.
Sam Sheepdog Sam Sheepdog.png Epic Defender Farm 17975 628 914 2657 88 Big and slow, but vigilant and ready with a counter for enemies eying his flock.
Samurai Sheepdog Samurai Sheepdog.png Legendary Defender Forest 18563 663 1038 2514 92 Loyal guardian to the Shrine. This defender stands his ground and grows stronger from his enemies' hesitation.
Scarecrow Sylvester Scarecrow Sylvester.png Common Support Farm 11247 435 476 1203 156 Debilitating expert. Defeats his enemies by greatly weakening them and doing health based damage.
Scarlet Pumpernickel Scarlet Pumpernickel.png Epic Attacker Avalooney 16131 628 939 1670 132 The Scarlet Pumpernickel is a master swordsman who can hide from his foes and attack them with impunity.
Scout Foghorn Scout Foghorn.png Common Defender Forest 12854 472 772 1448 95 A beefy scout who Taunts and Stuns enemies, buffing his buddy Scout Sylvester.
Scout Leader Granny Scout Leader Granny.png Common Support Forest 11020 320 642 1512 109 A caring scout who keeps her allies on their feet, buffing the Max Health of woodland critters.
Scout Sylvester Scout Sylvester.png Common Attacker Forest 11179 408 493 1234 162 A sneaky scout who attacks from Hidden, buffing his buddy Scout Foghorn.
Scrooge Yosemite Sam Scrooge Yosemite Sam.png Rare Attacker WB Studios 13949 647 549 1394 129 An attacker who also helps his team with high risk reward effects.
Sea Goin' Sam Sea Goin' Sam.png Epic Attacker Tasmania 16592 787 679 1711 115 This irate pirate is out looking for Bounties. With his crew of Outlaws around, there's no escaping him.
Settler Granny Settler Granny.png Common Support Desert 11008 343 714 1262 114 Support settler. Able to heal her allies and cleanse their wounds.
Sheriff Porky Sheriff Porky.png Common Support Desert 10952 392 611 1107 138 Support peacekeeper. The sheriff protects his allies by weakening their enemies and quickly jumping into action.
Show Biz Bugs Show Biz Bugs.png Rare Support WB Studios 13155 524 590 1482 138 This rabbit debuffs enemies and saves his allies from a bad performance!
Show Biz Daffy Show Biz Daffy.png Rare Attacker WB Studios 13234 561 538 1370 156 This duck thrives from stunning his enemies with his team's performance!
Siegfried Elmer Siegfried Elmer.png Epic Defender Avalooney 17082 628 999 2044 111 Calling thunder, he's able to dish out heavy damage to all foes while standing in the front lines protecting his team.
Space Cadet Space Cadet.png Rare Support Space 12472 442 607 1522 138 A support toon able to give his allies lots of defense and heal his tanks!
Space Explorer Granny Space Explorer Granny.png Common Attacker Space 11760 455 642 1262 104 Granny's invisibility cloak allows her to speed up her allies actions, giving them an edge on the battle!
Speedskater Coyote Speedskater Coyote.png Epic Attacker WB Studios 14758 628 601 1545 168 Race this coyote at your own risk. His competition Freezes faster than the rink.
Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales.png Epic Attacker Desert 14109 534 619 1572 188 ¡Andale! With AoE, Ignore Dodge, and extra attacks on random targets, good luck avoiding this mouse.
Star-Pharaoh Marvin Star-Pharaoh Marvin.png Legendary Support Space 18552 840 885 1912 118 The One True Healer comes from beyond the cosmos to Debuff false idols.
Starseeker Lola Starseeker Lola.png Rare Attacker Space 13600 492 787 1407 149 This deepspace explorer debuffs Hidden enemies, dodging or countering attacks.
Sylvester Sylvester.png Epic Attacker City 15491 571 678 2060 143 This sneaky cat can easily become hidden and lash out large amounts of damages on his enemies.
Sylvester Jr. Sylvester Jr..png Epic Support City 14738 534 638 2117 149 This kitty follows allies into Hiding and heals the team when they emerge, popping out to Stun.
Sylvester Slaszlo Sylvester Slaszlo.png Rare Attacker WB Studios 13438 542 595 1486 144 This rebel on the run Assists from safety, scaling damage with each Defense Up on his team.
Sylvester the Brash Sylvester the Brash.png Rare Attacker Avalooney 13484 525 719 1304 157 A speedy cavalier who takes advantage of Defense Down to deliver devastating Critical hits.
Tasmanian She-Devil Tasmanian She-Devil.png Epic Defender Tasmania 16110 666 754 1867 122 This surly defender Flips debuffs on her team and steals Turn Meter for tempo. Pair with Taz for max effect.
Taz Taz.png Legendary Attacker Tasmania 18639 772 787 2391 122 This whirlwind Scrambles and Flips enemy buffs, enraging at low Health. Pair with She-Devil for mayhem.
Tourist Daffy Tourist Daffy.png Epic Support Summit 14927 609 647 1636 163 Daffy took a right turn at Albuquerque and now needs to Cleanse, Buff and call on Rabbit allies to Assist if he wants to survive.
Trapper Sylvester Trapper Sylvester.png Common Attacker Summit 12057 443 774 1082 132 A sneaky hunter exploiting the cold to nab his prey. If you can't see him, he probably sees you.
Treasure Hunter Tweety Treasure Hunter Tweety.png Legendary Support Tasmania 16487 670 773 1953 126 A healer and finisher, all in one, this bird smashes foes with boulders from the safety of its team.
Tweety Tweety.png Epic Attacker City 14205 494 638 1954 138 The cutest little bird you ever did taw. Why lift a feather when your allies do the work?
Valkyrie Bugs Valkyrie Bugs.png Epic Support Avalooney 15183 571 886 1592 138 A support valkyrie who can greatly expedite her team's actions and silence her enemies.
Waiter Elmer Waiter Elmer.png Common Support City 11708 380 608 1476 137 The waiter supports his team by healing and empowering his allies, especially good when fighting rabbits.
Western Type Hero Western Type Hero.png Rare Attacker WB Studios 13893 472 873 1509 138 Critical striker. Dealing high amounts of damage through his critical skills, he's able to quickly defeat his foes.
Wildcard Wolf Wildcard Wolf.png Rare Attacker Desert 12682 541 500 1296 156 Collect Buffs, deal crits, and Stun or Silence enemies who call this gambler out.
Wile E. Coyote Wile E. Coyote.png Epic Attacker Desert 15252 628 593 1843 149 This must-answer mastermind brings tricks to stifle yours, a self-healing appetite for birds, and an ever-climbing Attack stat.
Winter Bugs Winter Bugs.png Epic Attacker Summit 15889 638 755 1868 128 With unavoidable Chilly and overwhelming Critical effects, this attacker brings the Summit to his enemies.
Witch Hazel Witch Hazel.png Rare Attacker Avalooney 13136 455 690 1692 115 The wicked witch uses Damage Over Time to defeat those who attack her, dealing heavy damage.
Witch Lezah Witch Lezah.png Common Support Space 10932 341 608 1442 110 The witch supports her team by being hidden and stealing her enemies positive effects!
Witchdoctor Hazel Witchdoctor Hazel.png Epic Defender Tasmania 15595 548 850 2064 105 In the darkest jungle, this Taunting witch inflicts DoTs, Silence all enemies, and buffs the Attack of magic allies.
Yeti Gossamer Yeti Gossamer.png Epic Defender Summit 17044 623 810 2402 106 The blizzard itself, bringing the cold to the whole fight. Enemies Freeze while allies thaw just enough.
Yodel Le Pew Yodel Le Pew.png Rare Attacker Summit 13427 487 659 1651 133 This yodeler wears his enemies down with terrible singing, turning their strengths against them while shrugging off their critiques.
Yosemite Sam Yosemite Sam.png Epic Attacker Desert 16194 706 722 1800 119 Selfish attacker. Deals high damage to enemies and removes attack bonuses from all characters.