Revenant Road Runner

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Revenant Road Runner
Revenant Road Runner.png
Here he comes to steal your soul - and deliver Crits!
Rarity Epic
Region Desert Desert icon.png
Role Attacker Attacker icon.png
Toon Tags Monster, Fiend
Max Power 26266
Max Attack 1057
Max Defense 1045
Max Health 3425
Max Speed 218

Revenant Road Runner is a Toon in Looney Tunes World of Mayhem.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Toon Relationships[edit source]

Relationship Relationship Description
Wile E. Coyote This toon has 50% more Attack when attacking any Wile E. Coyote toon.
Fiend This toon has +10% Attack, Defense, and Speed while any Fiend toon is in the battlefield as an ally.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Cooldown Description
Ride the Phantom Rails Basic 0 Deal (85/90/95/100/110% Attack) damage to target enemy, granting a random ally Speed Up.
Rattling Passage Special 1 Gain Critical Chance Up, then deal (100/110/120% Attack) damage to target enemy. If it's a Critical Hit, gain Dodge Chance Up for 1/1-2/2 turn(s).
Toot Toot Special 3 Grant your team 2/3 Attack Up and 2/3 Critical Chance Up for 2 turns, inflicting all enemies with 2/3 Counter Chance Down for 2 turns.
Ghost Train Runnin' Passive N/A This toon has +5/6/7/8/10% Dodge Chance for each Critical Chance Up on it and +20/22/24/26/30% Critical Chance.
Strength Passive N/A This toon has +8/12/16/20/25/30% Attack.
Ticket to Glide Passive N/A While this toon is in battle, Monster allies have +5/6/7/8/10% Speed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Revenant Road Runner, as he appears in Zip N' Snort.
  • While he looks like a ghost, Road Runner's Engineer Persona is based on the ending from, "Zip 'n Snort"; which is also one of his special attacks.