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Quests are longer goals the player can look forward to achieving. Each Quest grants the player with XP, gems and also Toon pieces for Daffy Hood.

Types of Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Type Description
Main Quest Win X competitive battles with 3 stars
Main Quest Open X crates
Main Quest Complete X stages of the Forest/Town chapter
Main Quest Apply X Level Ups to your Toons
Main Quest Energize X Reatomizers
Alliance Join an Alliance
Forest Complete X Forest Acts
Forest Activate X Forest Toons
Town Complete X Town Acts
Town Activate X Town Toons
Farm Complete X Farm Acts
Farm Activate X Farm Toons
Desert Complete X Desert Acts
Desert Activate X Desert Toons
City Complete X City Acts
City Activate X City Toons
Space Complete X Space Acts
Space Activate X Space Toons
Avalooney Activate X Avalooney Toons
WB Studios Activate X WB Studios Toons
Competitive Reach X Trophies
Competitive Open X crates
Wheels Spin any wheel X times
Progression Discover X region
Progression Reach max player level
Progression Collect 1000 Illudium
Progression Start X long tasks