Police Dog Hector

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Police Dog Hector
Police Dog Hector.png
Defensive police dog. Able to soak in a lot of damage and protect his allies while also helping them get ahead in the battle.
Rarity Common
Region Town Town icon.png
Role Defender Defender icon.png
Toon Tags Dog, Cop
Max Power 12352
Max Attack 408
Max Defense 734
Max Health 1512
Max Speed 111

Police Dog Hector is a Toon in Looney Tunes World of Mayhem.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Toon Relationships[edit source]

Relationship Relationship Description
Officer Yosemite This toon has +10% Attack, Defense and Speed while Officer Yosemite is in the battlefield as an ally.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Cooldown Description
Beat Down Basic 0 Deal (100% Attack) damage to target enemy with a 0/25/50/75/100% chance of inflicting Attack Down.
Guard Dog Special 1 Deal (100/105/110/120/125% Attack) damage to target enemy, gaining Taunt.
Neighborhood Watch Special 2 This toon gains 2-3/3/3-4/4 Counter Chance Up for 2 turns and grants a random ally 1-2/2 Counter Chance Up for 2 turns.
Brawler Passive N/A This toon has +50/100% resistance to Damage Over Time and has +0/25/50/100% resistance to Attack Down.
Valiant Protector Passive N/A While Taunting, this toon has +5/8/12/16/20/25% Defense and Attack.
Sworn Enemies Passive N/A This toon deals +10/15/20/30/35% damage to cats.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The police dog from the ending of Duck Twacy comic, Using the Ol' Noodle, as shown from Issue #157.
  • Hector's police dog persona was based on a Duck Twacy comic in the Looney Tunes DC Series.