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This very resistant tank steps into the front lines to defend his team and reveal hidden enemies.
Rarity Rare
Region City City icon.png
Role Defender Defender icon.png
Toon Tags Dog, Citizen, Original
Max Power 14309
Max Attack 492
Max Defense 677
Max Health 2006
Max Speed 122

Hector is a Toon in Looney Tunes World of Mayhem.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Toon Relationships[edit source]

Relationship Relationship Description
Sylvester This toon has 50% more Attack when attacking any Sylvester toon.
Granny This toon has +10% Attack, Defense and Speed while any Granny toon is in the battlefield as an ally.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Cooldown Description
Face First Basic 0 Deal (90/95/100% Attack) damage to the target enemy and gain Defense Up for 1/2/3/ turn(s).
Earth Shatter Special 2 (warmup 1) Deals (80/85/90/95% Attack) damage and remove 10/20/30% Turn Meter from all enemies.
Protect Special 3 This toon gains Taunt, 1/1-2/2 Defense Up and 0/1/1-2/1-3/1-4 Attack Up for 2 turns.
Not on my Watch Passive N/A When an ally goes below 50% Health, this toon gains 2 Attack Up and 10/15/20/30/40/50% Turn Meter.
Hearty Passive N/A This toon has +8/12/16/20/25/30% Max Health.

More Information[edit | edit source]

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