Daffy Hood

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Daffy Hood
Daffy Hood.png
Robbing the rich and giving it to himself, Daffy Hood excels at finishing off weakened enemies and speeding up his allies.
Rarity Epic
Region Avalooney Avalooney icon.png
Role Attacker Attacker icon.png
Toon Tags Bird, Hero
Max Power 14899
Max Attack 608
Max Defense 666
Max Health 1682
Max Speed 143

Daffy Hood is a Toon in Looney Tunes World of Mayhem.

Summary[edit | edit source]

One of the three Epics that you get by progressing through the game (the other two being Black Knight Sam and King Bugs Bunny), Daffy Hood excels at stealing his opponents Stat Ups and Special Stat Ups (Attack Ups, Defense Ups, Speed Ups, Counter Chance Ups, Dodge Chance Ups, and Counter Chance Ups). The fact that he has Agility helps with this tremendously as more Speed means more turns to steal boosts. This plus the fact that he has a near-spammable AoE and decently high damage output makes him a must-have for newbies. If you get him, work on him. You won't ever regret it. Oh, and his pieces can be acquired via Quests, so he's easy to rank up too.

Toon Relationships[edit source]

Relationship Relationship Description
Porky Pig This toon has 50% more Attack when attacking any Porky Pig toon.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Cooldown Description
Arrow Strike Basic 0 Deals (90% Attack) damage to target enemy with a 0/50/100% chance of Stealing 1/1-2/2/3 extra Buff(s) with Pickpocket.
Volley Special 1 Deals (60/65/70/75/80/85% Attack) damage to all enemies.
Crowd Pleaser Special 2 (warmup 1) Deal (130/135/140/145/150/155% Attack) damage to target enemy.
Pickpocket Passive N/A Whenever this toon lands an attack, it Steals a random Buff from the target.
Agility Passive N/A This toon has +8/12/16/20/25/30% Speed.
Merriment Passive N/A Whenever this toon defeats an enemy, it gains 25/30/35/40/45/50% Turn Meter.

Note #1: Pickpocket only steals Stat Ups and Special Stat Ups. Previously its description read, 'Whenever this toon lands an attack, it steals a random Stat Up or Special Stat Up from the target enemy.' It is unknown why the description was changed to be inaccurate and misleading.

Note #2: Arrow Strike's Buff stealing effect is an attack effect and separate from Pickpocket, which is an on-hit effect. Arrow Strike will thus always steal Buffs, regardless of whether the attack was dodged or not.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Daffy Hood, as he appears in Robin Hood Daffy.