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There are a variety of buildings in Looney Tunes World of Mayhem.

List of Buildings[edit | edit source]

Name Image Region Toons
Alley-Cat Condos Alley-Cat Condos.png City Sylvester Jr.
Ancient Temple Ancient Temple.png Tasmania Witchdoctor Hazel, Treasure Hunter Tweety, Raider Lola
Apartment Building Apartment Building.png City Mail Runner
Bandit Wagon Bandit Wagon.png Desert Outlaw Foghorn, Outlaw Sylvester, Desperado Dawg, Nasty Canasta
Base Camp Base Camp.png Tasmania Professor Prissy, Curator Porky, Outback Dawg
Boxing Gym Boxing Gym.png Tasmania Hippety Hopper
Broken Down Building Broken Down Building.png City Waiter Elmer, Joe Monday
Bugs' Burrow Bugs' Burrow.png Forest Bugs Bunny
Café Au Lait Américain Café Au Lait Américain.png WB Studios Mr. Bugs, Kitty Ketty, Sylvester Slaszlo
Carrot Rocket Carrot Rocket.png Space Martian Bugs, Starseeker Lola
Climbers Hut Climbers Hut.png Summit Climber Granny, Trapper Sylvester, Yodel Le Pew
Colosseum Colosseum.png WB Studios Matador Bugs, Picador Sylvester Jr., Flamenco Prissy
Coyote's Rock Coyote's Rock.png Desert Wile E. Coyote, Van Wile
Curtain Razor Theater Curtain Razor Theater.png WB Studios Show Biz Bugs, Queso Bandito, Show Biz Daffy
Cute Cottage Cute Cottage.png Town Lola
Daffy's Duck Daffy's Duck.png Forest Daffy Duck, Cupid Elmer
Dawgshed Dawgshed.png Farm Barnyard Dawg
Devil's Den Devil's Den.png Tasmania Taz, Tasmanian She-Devil
Dodger's Ship Dodger's Ship.png Space Space Cadet, Duck Dodgers
Elmer's Cabin Elmer's Cabin.png Forest Elmer Fudd
Explorers Lodge Explorers Lodge.png Summit Mountie Elmer, Huntsman Porky, Mountain Man Sam
Fall Suburb Fall Suburb.png Town Gridiron Gossamer, Chef Porky, Referee Foghorn, Henery Hike
Financial Center Financial Center.png City Mr. Sam, Bat-Suit Wile
Fireworks Workshop Fireworks Workshop.png WB Studios Rocket Coyote, Rocket Sylvester, Reindeer Road Runner
Foghorn Shack Foghorn Shack.png Farm Foghorn Leghorn
Granny´s House Granny´s House.png City Granny, Hector, Sylvester, Tweety
Hawk Nest Hawk Nest.png Farm Henery Hawk
Holiday House Holiday House.png WB Studios Holiday Bugs Bunny, Elf Daffy Duck, Scrooge Yosemite Sam, Speedskater Coyote
Horror Movie Set Horror Movie Set.png WB Studios Monster Foghorn, Dr. Dawgstein, Ralph the Vampire, K'Chutha Sa'am
Hotel Tasmania Hotel Tasmania.png Tasmania Bellboy Daffy, Bellboy Gossamer
Human Colony Human Colony.png Space Space Explorer Granny, Astronaut Sylvester, Astronaut Hector
Hunters Camp Hunters Camp.png Forest Hunter Yosemite Sam, Marvin Fudd, O'Pat
Ice Rink Ice Rink.png Summit
Jousting Arena Jousting Arena.png Avalooney Bugs the Brave, Elmer the Sure, Sylvester the Brash, Foghorn the Invincible
Klunkin HQ Klunkin HQ.png Space Witch Lezah
Little Fishing Pond Little Fishing Pond.png Forest Fishercat Sylvester Jr.
Lunar Pagoda Lunar Pagoda.png Avalooney Lunar Petunia, Master Speedy
Maison Penelope Maison Penelope.png Town Penelope
Market Street Market Street.png Town Photographer Sylvester, Salesduck Daffy, Barber Bugs, Officer Prissy
Marvin's Ship Marvin's Ship.png Space Marvin
Merlin's Tower Merlin's Tower.png Avalooney Merlin Sam, Handmaiden Granny, Pepe Le Bard, Jester Bugs
Miss Prissy's Coop Miss Prissy's Coop.png Farm Miss Prissy, Egghead Jr.
Opera Opera.png City Chauffeur Porky, Leopold, Phantom Le Pew
Parfumerie Parfumerie.png Town Pepe Le Pew
Pig's Pen Pig's Pen.png Town Porky Pig, Petunia Pig
Police Station Police Station.png Town Officer Yosemite, Police Dog Hector, Prizefighter Daffy, Contender Sylvester
Porky's Farm Porky's Farm.png Farm Farmer Porky, Farmer Petunia
Pumpkin Farm Pumpkin Farm.png Farm Farmer Hector, Scarecrow Sylvester
Road Runner's Nest Road Runner's Nest.png Desert Road Runner, Speedy Gonzales, Revenant Road Runner
Robin Hood's Tree Robin Hood's Tree.png Avalooney Daffy Hood, Friar Porky
Scouts Camp Scouts Camp.png Forest Scout Sylvester, Scout Foghorn, Scout Leader Granny
Sheep Farm Sheep Farm.png Farm Ralph Wolf, Sam Sheepdog
Shipwreck Fortress Shipwreck Fortress.png Tasmania Sea Goin' Sam, Cannoneer Canasta
Shrine of Sacred Sheep Shrine of the Sacred Sheep.png Forest Samurai Sheepdog, Ninja Ralph
Snowy Cave Snowy Cave.png Summit Yeti Gossamer, Tourist Daffy, Winter Bugs, Hugo
Star Pyramid Star Pyramid.png Space Star-Pharaoh Marvin
Swing 'n' Jazz Club Swing 'n' Jazz Club.png City Zoot Suit Daffy
Sword Fencing School Sword Fencing School.png Avalooney Scarlet Pumpernickel, Grand Duke Sylvester, Chamberlain Porky
The Fort The Fort.png Desert Sheriff Porky, Settler Granny
The Gallery The Gallery.png City Penelope Couture
The King's Castle The King's Castle.png Avalooney King Bugs Bunny, Royal Page Coyote, Black Knight Sam, King Daffy
The Saloon The Saloon.png Desert Cowboy Bugs, Masked Avenger, Wildcard Wolf, Barkeep Sheepdog
The Witch Den The Witch Den.png Avalooney Witch Hazel, Gossamer, Devil Dog, Monster Tweety
Valkyrie's Palace Valkyrie's Palace.png Avalooney Valkyrie Bugs, Siegfried Elmer, Tweety the Twue
Western Set Western Set.png WB Studios Western Type Hero, Cowgirl Granny, Cowboy Sylvester
Yosemite's House Yosemite's House.png Desert Yosemite Sam